I offer estate planning packages, which include all of the documents you’ll need to complete your estate plan. I also offer pricing on individual documents. You can find more information about what these documents do here.

Estate Planning Packages

Includes Last Will and Testament (including a testamentary trust for minor children, if needed), Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, HIPAA Authorization, Final Disposition Instructions, Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian, and Declaration of Guardian for Children (if needed).

Individual Package – $640

Couples Package –  $1180

Living trusts (including a trust agreement, certificate of trust, deeds to the trust, and assistance with funding the trust) cost an additional $1,250 for a stand alone document or $1,000 when added to a Estate package.

If your situation requires the creation of additional or specialized documents not included in the above packages, Eileen will quote a flat fee for those additional services during your initial consultation.

Individual Documents

Last Will and Testament$300
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney$150
Medical Power of Attorney$100
Advance Directive$50
HIPAA Authorization$50
Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian$50
Declaration of Guardian for Children$50
Final Disposition Authorization$50
Lady Bird Deed (Enhanced Life Estate Deed), Transfer on Death Deed (“TODD”), or Deed to Trust$200 (including recording fees)
Affidavits of Heirship$300


Please don’t let cost keep you from creating your estate plan. If cost is a concern, contact us and we’ll work with you to find a way to help you. One option is Texas Legal, a nonprofit established by the State Bar of Texas to provide affordable legal services to Texans through legal insurance. Eileen is one of Texas Legal’s member attorneys, and she’s happy to work with Texas Legal clients.